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Re: [RFC] GDB ARIndex Linux rule cleanup

> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 19:34:08 +0200 (CEST)
> From: "Ulrich Weigand" <>
> Cc:,,,
> Yes, the ppc-linux-tdep.c file, which defines the gdbarch struct to be used
> when debugging an application built for GNU/Linux on the PowerPC platform,
> in either native, remote, or core file debugging mode.
> In fact, in this specific file, some elements of the gdbarch struct are
> clearly kernel-related (e.g. the ppc_linux_write_pc method to properly
> restart interrupted system calls, or the signal trampoline unwinders), some
> elements have nothing whatsoever to do with the kernel (e.g. the
> ppc_linux_memory_remove_breakpoint method that deals with the fact that
> on powerpc modifies code, or the ppc64_skip_trampoline_code method
> which recognizes linker-generated stubs, or the
> ppc64_linux_convert_from_func_ptr_addr method that interprets the function
> pointer ABI), and some could be considered either way (e.g. the core file
> register set definitions -- a core file may be generated by the kernel,
> but also other tools, including GDB itself).

The point is that the elements that are unrelated to the Linux kernel
are also unrelated to GNU.

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