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Re: DWARF-related warnings in DJGPP build of GDB

>   During symbol reading, inner block not inside outer block in prompt_for_continue.
>   During symbol reading, inner block (0x61ab0-0x6b68b) not inside outer block (0x64c90-0x64d2f).
>   During symbol reading, Offset 174868 out of bounds for DW_AT_ranges attribute.
> Is this a GCC problem, a GDB problem, or something else?  Should I be
> worried?  My GCC version is 3.4.3, in case that matters.

What you can do is verify that the addresses are correctly read
by GDB.

You could try dumping the DWARF data if you have a tool that does that
on your system. Otherwise, you could check the assembly file where
prompt_for_continue is defined, and see if blocks indeed have
the correct relationship in terms of block addresses. It could be
the compiler emitting wrong debugging info, or the assembler/linker
toolchain that screws up. Or, possibly, GDB is reading the information
incorrectly, in which case, yes, you should be worried because that
might cause a fair amount of grief depending on what's going wrong.
I think this is unlikely, though.


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