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[commit/testsuite/Ada] convert 'address to long_integer instead of integer


This is something I just noticed a few days ago in one of AdaCore's
testcases that was similar to gdb.ada/int_deref.exp. Basically,
we're trying to dereference an address, which is defined as a pointer
to void. So, we do something a little ugly, and we convert the address
to an integer first, because the Ada mode allows dereferencing of ints.

The proper way, or course, would be use the curly-bracket notation,
something like this:

    print {foo}my_variable'address

which converts my_variable'address into a pointer to type "foo"
(assuming that my_variable is of type "foo").  But that's not what
the testcase is about.

In any case, what we realized is that type "integer" is sometimes
not large enough to hold the address. This happened for instance
on Tru64 where the actual address for our global variable was
greater than 2**32.  As a result, we tried to dereference the wrong
address, resulting in an error (cannot read memory).

Fixed thusly (by using long_integer as opposed to integer).

2008-11-28  Joel Brobecker  <>

        * gdb.ada/int_deref.exp: Convert the addresses into long_integer
        rather than integer, as integer might not be big enough when
        on 64bit targets.

Tested on x86_64-linux.


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