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Re: PING: [PATCH] Fix a bug of addrmap

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:

Joel> Did you familiarize yourself with the code that you'd say that
Joel> the patch sounds good to you? If this is the case, I'm quite
Joel> happy to trust your judgement.

Not really, I'm afraid.  I just wanted to make sure I understood the
bug report.

I still don't understand why the fix is to modify force_transition and
not addrmap_mutable_set_empty.

Joel> The one comment that I have about this is that it's not automatically
Joel> run when we run the testsuite. It would be really nice if they were.

Joel> It's not the first time that we have unit-testing like this.
Joel> For instance, check we have unit tests for observers, or xfullpath.
Joel> Traditionally, they have been implemented inside testsuite/gdb.gdb.
Joel> The current solution is not very elegant, in my opinion, as what we
Joel> did was debugging GDB and call some functions inside GDB.

Ugh.  I definitely don't want to do that.

FWIW, in this case I was just following test-cp-name-parser.

Joel> How about, we add a testcase that "debugs" test-addrmap by simply
Joel> running it to completion and checking its output (including the
Joel> fact that it exited normally (meaning error code returned is zero)?

I will look into it.


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