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Re: [RFA] Resubmit process record and replay, 6/10

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 03:16, Michael Snyder <> wrote:
> teawater wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> About "record_not_record_set", It set record_not_record to let P
>> record doesn't record the memory and registers control behaviors of
>> GDB in function record_store_registers and record_xfer_partial.
>> So I think the name "record_not_record_set" and
>> "record_skip_recording" are not very clear.
>> Could you please give me some advices on it?
> Yeah, that's pretty much the way I understood it.
> It sets a one-time flag that says "omit (skip) recording
> registers and memory that would otherwise be recorded".
> And if I understand correctly, this is to avoid adding
> changes to the record log that are made by gdb when it
> resumes the target.  It's only called from "proceed()".
> I'm not completely clear on what those changes are.
> Is gdb modifying the PC?  Or are you perhaps trying to
> avoid recording breakpoints?

I think avoid recording breakpoints is the main affect.
Another function is help deal with displaced step. Of course, P record
and displaced step will not work together now.

I think I add "record_not_record" function is because I want
record_store_registers and record_xfer_partial just record the user
level change, not for others.
What do you think about it?

> Is there another way to detect and avoid recording these changes?

I have no idea on it.

What about change the name to "record_skip_recording_gdb_behavior"?


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