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Re: RFA: move value_from_contents_and_address to value.c

> 2008-11-24  Tom Tromey  <>
> 	* ada-lang.c (value_from_contents_and_address): Move...
> 	* value.c: ... here.
> 	* ada-lang.h (value_from_contents_and_address): Move
> 	declaration...
> 	* value.h: ... here.

Looks great to me.

Just one tiny little remark, and I know it's our fault (at AdaCore).
If you can fix it before checking in, then great. Otherwise, I can
do it after you've checked the change in.

> +struct value *
> +value_from_contents_and_address (struct type *type,
> +				 const gdb_byte *valaddr,
> +                                 CORE_ADDR address)

There is a formatting issue in the third line, due to the use of
spaces instead of tabs. I try to be super careful, now, but I can't
seem to be able to find a convenient way of configuring my editor
(vim) for that.

> +extern struct value *value_from_contents_and_address (struct type *,
> +						      const gdb_byte *,
> +                                                      CORE_ADDR);

Same here.


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