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Re: RFA: fix address in call to val_print

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:

Joel> If it depends on some functionality that's still only in the Archer
Joel> repo, then let's defer that until that piece of functionaly is in
Joel> the FSF repo.

Yeah, the only case I know of depends on other code from the python
branch which is not yet in gdb.  Specifically, when pretty-printing we
reconstruct a "struct value" from the arguments to val_print; in this
case the address being 0 causes problems later when trying to take the
address of an object -- gdb complains that it does not have an

Joel> In the meantime, the code patch is OK to go in (unless you'd prefer
Joel> to hold off on it, but I would imagine that the fewer local changes
Joel> in the Archer repo, the better).

Ok, I will check it in.  Thanks for clarifying this.

And yeah, I'm trying to flush out the various independent bug fixes
and changes from the python branch.  I am trying to set the stage to
submit the pretty-printing feature.


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