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[rfc] Handle broken CFI for signal trampolines in libc on amd64-linux


on my amd64-linux system a large number of signal-related test cases fail.
This happens because GDB doesn't properly recognize when it steps into a
signal handler.  The problem is that on amd64-linux, the signal trampoline
is not provided on the stack by the kernel, but is instead a regular library
function provided by libc, called __restore_rt.

Now there is code in amd64-linux-tdep.c to recognize that function, and
install a SIGFRAMP_FRAME for its call frame.  Unfortunately, that code
does never trigger, as the frame sniffer in question is on the sniffer
stack *after* the generic DWARF-2 sniffer.  As __restore_rt is also a
regular library function with CFI provided, the DWARF-2 sniffer will
recognize it and claim it as a NORMAL_FRAME.

Unfortunately even if I use the dwarf_signal_frame_p hook to have the
DWARF-2 sniffer recognize a SIGTRAMP_FRAME, it still doesn't work as
the __restore_rt CFI (at least in my glibc) only describes the unwind
effects as if it were a regular function, without taking into account
the restoring of registers by the sigreturn system call.

To fix this, I'd suggest to change amd64_init_abi to *prepend* the
hard-coded signal trampoline sniffer instead of appending it, so that
it takes precedence over the generic DWARF-2 sniffer.  This fixes all
signal-related test cases for me on amd64-linux.

As the trampoline sniffers shouldn't really have any false positives
and the hard-coded signal frame structure is unchangable ABI, there
doesn't seem to be any drawback to that approach.  I'd appreciate any
suggestions for a better fix ...

If there's no objection, I'm planning on committing this in a week.

Tested on amd-linux, fixes 67 signal-related FAILs.



	* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_init_abi) Prepend the signal trampoline
	frame sniffer instead of appending it.

diff -urNp gdb-orig/gdb/amd64-tdep.c gdb-head/gdb/amd64-tdep.c
--- gdb-orig/gdb/amd64-tdep.c	2008-11-20 05:18:56.000000000 +0100
+++ gdb-head/gdb/amd64-tdep.c	2008-11-20 23:35:55.000000000 +0100
@@ -1359,7 +1359,13 @@ amd64_init_abi (struct gdbarch_info info
   set_gdbarch_dummy_id (gdbarch, amd64_dummy_id);
-  frame_unwind_append_unwinder (gdbarch, &amd64_sigtramp_frame_unwind);
+  /* On some amd64 systems, the signal trampoline is provided in a
+     library with DWARF-2 CFI, but without properly describing the
+     full unwind effects of the sigreturn call.  If the trampoline
+     is recognized by the DWARF-2 sniffer in that case, we get incorrect
+     results.  Therefore we *prepend* our hard-coded trampoline sniffer
+     here to ensure it takes precedence over the DWARF-2 sniffer.  */
+  frame_unwind_prepend_unwinder (gdbarch, &amd64_sigtramp_frame_unwind);
   frame_unwind_append_unwinder (gdbarch, &amd64_frame_unwind);
   frame_base_set_default (gdbarch, &amd64_frame_base);
  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU Toolchain for Linux on System z and Cell BE

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