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Re: [RFA] Resubmit process record and replay, 5/10

El miÃ, 19-11-2008 a las 17:49 -0800, Michael Snyder escribiÃ:
> Thiago, you had a question about whether the syscall id numbers
> were invariant across architectures, and I think Hui answered that
> he was using the i386 numbering as representative, and would use
> a target-specific header file or something to translate them.
> Or something to that effect.
> Did that answer your concern?

I had two different but related concerns, regarding this 5th patch:

1. linux-record.c is really i386 specific, so it should be called

2. If the information that needs to be recorded for each syscall (not
the syscall number) is the same accross architectures, the code in
linux-record.c could be made arch-independent and then we wouldn't need
to have this big chunk of code duplicated for each arch supporting
record functionality.

I'm fine with leaving 2 to be investigated/addressed when record adds
support for its 2nd arch. It also may prove impractical, since there may
be slight differences in syscalls for each arch.
Thiago Jung Bauermann
IBM Linux Technology Center

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