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Re: [RFA] Darwin/x86 port (v4 - part 2/4: darwin-nat.?)

On Nov 18, 2008, at 3:18 AM, Stan Shebs wrote:

Tristan Gingold wrote:


As per my comments on machoread.c.

Space added.

struct darwin_inferior
 int pid;
 task_t task;
I think there should be at least a one-liner describing each field. Even if it's obvious, the one-liner at least tells us that the meaning is indeed the obvious one, and not something tricky.


/* Previous port for requesr notification on task. */


extern darwin_inferior *darwin_inf;
I guess it would be mean to insist that the Darwin port be multi- process ready. :-)

Yes. I will try to work on that later. Shouldn't be that hard.

#if (defined __GNUC__)
#define __MACH_CHECK_FUNCTION ((__const char *) 0)
Follow what gdb_assert.h does for __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ .

I now use ASSERT_FUNCTIOn from gdb_assert.h it it is defined. That's avoid code duplication.
(OTOH only GCC 4.x or later is available on Darwin)

static union {
 mach_msg_header_t hdr;
 char data[1024];
} msgin, msgout;

Definitely want to say a few words about what we have to do to work with Mach. Refer people to a URL or manual for full details, what we're interested in here is a) basic hints, and b) special issues for GDB.


#define X86_EFLAGS_T 0x100UL

static void
darwin_set_sstep (thread_t thread, int enable)
 x86_thread_state_t regs;
 unsigned int count = x86_THREAD_STATE_COUNT;
Won't the PowerPC port get indigestion from this part? :-)

Yes, moved to i386-darwin-nat.c

         res = PTRACE (PT_THUPDATE, pid,
               (void *)exc_msg.thread_port, nsignal);
Let's just call darwin_ptrace directly. I don't see much value in a macro, it's just in this one file.

The macro is used to stringify the request name (and thus generating a nicer message).

Where does this macro come from? (Yes, I could look it up, but don't make me, add a comment. :-) )


     /* Many internal GDB routines expect breakpoints to be reported
        as a spurious signal. */
     status->value.sig = TARGET_SIGNAL_TRAP;
Hmmm. OK for now, I'm sure we'll have to revisit.

Hmm, maybe.

return ptid_build (pid, 0, exc_msg.thread_port);
Thread port is the id we want to use for threads? I guess it's plausible, we should say that somewhere.

Yes, that makes the code simpler. To be revisited at least to display a much nicer value to the user.

#if 0
static void
darwin_list_gdb_ports (const char *msg)
If the code has a use, keep it and make a maintenance command, else discard. Our policy these days is to discourage if-0 blocks everywhere.


/* The child must synchronize with gdb: gdb must set the exception port
before the child call PTRACE_SIGEXC. We use a pipe to achieve this.
FIXME: is there a lighter way ? */
Huh, interesting. I don't have any better ideas myself.

The question is still open!

add_setshow_zinteger_cmd ("inferior", class_obscure,
&inferior_debug_flag, _("\
Set if printing inferior communication debugging statements."), _("\
Show if printing inferior communication debugging statements."), NULL,
&setdebuglist, &showdebuglist);
Wasn't this in a different file too? Make sure there is only one.

The command is now "darwin" and the flag darwin_debug_flag.

add_setshow_boolean_cmd ("mach-exceptions", class_support,
&enable_mach_exceptions, _("\
Set if mach exceptions are caught."), _("\
Show if mach exceptions are caught."), _("\
When this mode is on, all low level exceptions are reported before being\n\
reported by the kernel."),
&set_enable_mach_exceptions, NULL,
&setlist, &showlist);


There is only one.

I'd like to see the x86-specific bits pulled out, we should get off on the right foot with that sort of thing.


Otherwise this file is fine, once feedback is incorporated.



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