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Re: [RFC] output remote protocol timestamps with "set debug remote"

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 06:50:28PM +0000, Pedro Alves wrote:
> I'm making use of this:
>  /* Debugging level.  0 is off, and non-zero values mean to print some debug
>     information (higher values, more information).  */
>  extern int remote_debug;
> ... to enable timestamps, you do "set debug remote 2".  level 1
> still outputs the same as usual.

It's such a good idea, that it's already there :-)  "set debug
timestamp".  However, I'd never tried it with remote; it clearly
does not work right for multiple printf calls in a single debugging
message.  I'd suggest fixing that, instead.

1227044669:904148 Sending packet: 1227044669:904155 $1227044669:904161
q1227044669:904166 S1227044669:904172 y1227044669:904177
m1227044669:904182 b1227044669:904188 o1227044669:904193
l1227044669:904198 :1227044669:904205 :1227044669:904211
#1227044669:904217 51227044669:904222 b1227044669:904228
...1227044669:904279 Ack

Daniel Jacobowitz

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