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Re: System V IPC for psim try #2

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 8:03 AM, Joel Sherrill
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I think I have taken Doug's comments into account
> with this revised version of the patch.  Hopefully
> it is ready to commit now.
> Comments appreciated.  Thanks.
> 2008-11-14  Joel Sherrill <>
>       *,, debug.c, debug.h, hw_sem.c, hw_shm.c:
>       Add support for System V shared memory and semaphores to PSIM where
>       available on the host.  Shared memory can be mapped into the
>       simulated processor's address space and protected using a semaphore.
>       * configure: Regenerated.

Hi.  Thanks for the making the changes.

nit: I think the convention is one *-line per file, though I see
sim/ppc/ChangeLog doesn't follow that rule precisely.  I like your
original changelog entry better (fwiw).

2008-09-08 Joel Sherrill <>

 * configure: Regenerated.
 * Add test for System V shared memory and semaphore.
 * debug.c, debug.h: Add trace support for new devices.
 * hw_sem.c, hw_shm.c: New files.
 * Add hw_sem.c and hw_shm.c.


+if test "$ac_cv_has_union_semun" = "yes"; then
+  AC_CACHE_CHECK(whether System V semaphores are supported,
+  ac_cv_sysv_sem,
+  [
+  [

Apologies for not noting this before.  I see ppc/ already
uses AC_TRY_RUN, so it's ok with me.  The problem with AC_TRY_RUN is
that it doesn't work in cross compilation environments.  In this case
all that will happen is that the sim won't support these extra
features so no big deal (And apologies if all of this has already gone
through your mind ... :-))

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