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[RFA] Resubmit process record and replay, 0/10

I fixed the errors for the patches. Thanks for help of everybody in
the maillist.

Process record and replay make gdb can record inferior execute log and
replay (include reverse debug).
Now, it support I386-Linux single-thread inferior native debug.

I've divided this patch into ten sections, for ease of review.
They group as:
1) Architecture support layer (, gdbarch.c, gbarch.h).
2) New stratum of strata in target layer (target.h).
3) Process record and replay target (record.c, record.h,
4) Set the variables for process record and replay target (target.c).
5) Process record and replay for Linux (linux-record.c,
linux-record.h,, configure.tgt).
6) Event handling (infrun.c).
7) GNU/Linux native-dependent code for process record and replay (linux-nat.c).
8) Intel 386 target-dependent stuff (i386-tdep.c, i386-tdep.h).
9) Target-dependent code for GNU/Linux i386 (i386-linux-tdep.c).
10) User interface and documentation.

These patches be tested with testsuite gdb.twreverse in branch

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