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Re: [RFA] [patch] 'info symbol' to print more info

Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 1:44 PM, Michael Snyder <> wrote:

Just one suggestion (and suggestion only) -- since the exec_file
is sort of the default/common case, do you think it would be a
good idea to check if it's the exec_file, and omit the objfile
information if so?

I think there are two large classes of users: - embedded people with no shared libraries and a single (statically linked) executable, and - everybody else.

I've never been in the first camp. From the second camp, if the
symbol is in the main executable, I want to know that too.

E.g. if I do 'info symbol &malloc', and it tells me .text in a.out,
that may well be a very important clue (that something unusual is

I do agree that for the fully-static executable case the extra
verbiage may be somewhat annoying. Looking for a way to tell if
that is the case ... Would the test below be sufficient?

  if (ojbect_files->next)
   /* there is only one object, so don't print its name ... */

Yeah, that's suitable. Thanks.

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