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Re: [RFA] Darwin/x86 port (v2 - part 1: machoread.c)

> Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 11:10:33 +0100
> From: Tristan Gingold <>
> /* Darwin support for GDB, the GNU debugger.
>    Copyright (C) 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
>    Contributed by AdaCore.


> 		msym = lookup_minimal_symbol (name, NULL, main_objfile);
> 		if (msym == NULL)
> 		  {
> 		    warning ("can't find symbol '%s' in minsymtab",
> 			     oso->symbols[i]->name);

Please put all user messages in _(), here and everywhere.

>   if (memcmp (dsym_uuid, main_uuid, sizeof (main_uuid)))
>     {
>       warning ("dsym file UUID doesn't match the on in %s", objfile->name);
"the one"

>   add_setshow_zinteger_cmd ("macho-o", class_obscure,
> 			    &mach_o_debug_level, _("\
> Set if printing mach-o symbols processing."), _("\
> Show if printing mach-o symbols processing."), NULL,

This will need a suitable documentation patch to describe the option.

Also, the name of the option is "macho-o", whereas the doc string uses
`mach-o'.  Which is it?

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