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Re: [RFA] Implement 'detach pid'.

On Thursday 13 November 2008 21:58:49, Vladimir Prus wrote:

> Â/* Iterator function to call a user-provided callback function
> - Â once for each known thread. Â*/
> + Â once for each known thread. ÂReturns 0 to continue iteration,
> + Â and 1 to stop -- which causes iterate_over_threads to return
> + Â the current thread_info. Â*/

To be honest, this sounds a bit confusing to me: the iterator function,
which is what was being described in the first sentence isn't the
same subject of the second sentence, "returns 0 ..." is now talking
about the callback.

> Âtypedef int (*thread_callback_func) (struct thread_info *, void *);
> Âextern struct thread_info *iterate_over_threads (thread_callback_func, void *);

Notice that a few gdbthread.h exported functions are also
documented in thread.c.  In this case:

 * Thread iterator function.
 * Calls a callback function once for each thread, so long as
 * the callback function returns false.  If the callback function
 * returns true, the iteration will end and the current thread
 * will be returned.  This can be useful for implementing a 
 * search for a thread with arbitrary attributes, or for applying
 * some operation to every thread.

If we're moving the descriptions around, please, let's do
that as a separate patch.

> +void
> +mi_cmd_target_detach (char *command, char **argv, int argc)
> +{
> + Âif (argc != 0 && argc != 1)
> + Â Âerror ("Usage: -target-detach [thread-group]");
> +
> + Âif (argc == 1)
> + Â Â{
> + Â Â Âstruct thread_info *tp;
> + Â Â Âchar *end = argv[0];
> + Â Â Âint pid = strtol (argv[0], &end, 10);
> + Â Â Âif (*end != '\0')
> +ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂerror (_("Cannot parse thread group id '%s'"), argv[0]);
> +
> + Â Â Â/* Pick any thread in the desired process. ÂCurrent
> +ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ target_detach deteches from the parent of inferior_ptid. Â*/
                            ^ detaches.

> + Â Â Âtp = iterate_over_threads (find_thread_of_process, &pid);
> + Â Â Âif (!tp)
> +ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂerror (_("Thread group is empty"));

Yep, something like that.

I take that it's OK then to not revert back to the
previous thread?


Pedro Alves

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