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Re: [RFA] Darwin/x86 port (v2 - part 0)

Tristan Gingold wrote:

On Nov 13, 2008, at 3:52 PM, Mark Kettenis wrote:
is there any remaining work to do before getting the approval ?

Hmm, it seems something (you?) keeps spamming the lists with v2 of the diff whereas I thought you already had a v3 diff. I'm afraid I completely lost track of what is what.

Although there might be something wrong here, I don't see these mails in the archives.
Can you sent me privately these spams ? We will try to fix that.
I think it's just that you updated some parts to v3, while others are still at v2. When I sorted my mailbox by sender, it became much clearer. There's nothing wrong, it's just that you've been so responsive that there's not the usual multi-week gap between one rev of the patch and the next. :-)

Anyway, I'm the most logical reviewer for the bulk of native support, I'll give you some feedback in the next few days. In the meantime, please run the testsuite, let's see what the basic numbers are looking like.


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