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Re: [RFA] Process record and replay, 4/10

Thanks Eli.

On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 17:27, Eli Zaretskii <> wrote:
>> Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 14:28:56 +0800
>> From: teawater <>
>> Cc:
>> On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 23:10, Eli Zaretskii <> wrote:
>> >> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 15:47:45 +0800
>> >> From: teawater <>
>> >>
>> >> +      /* Set the real beneath function pointers. */
>> >
>> > Could you please rephrase this comment?  I don't understand what it
>> > tries to say.
>> >
>> > Thanks.
>> >
>> What about change it to "Update the function pointers that process record use."
> Maybe, but you use the word "beneath" in many more places, and also in
> symbol names, so that word should probably not be removed from the
> comment.

I use "beneath" because:
struct target_ops
    struct target_ops *beneath;	/* To the target under this one.  */

> Could you explain what is meant by "beneath function pointers" in this
> case?  I could then suggest a better wording for this particular
> comment.

Great! It will help me a lot. :)

When GDB in record mode, we need to call the really debug function in
low strata target because process record and replay target need call
this function to control the inferior.

Struct target_ops already has a pointer "beneath" point to low strata
target, but process record and replay target doesn't use it. Because
if low strata target doesn't set some function pointers, process
record and replay target will need to call the function pointers of
the target that is low strata target of this target. If this target
doesn't set them too, it will need to call anothers. So use "beneath"
is not a good choice and "multi-thread" target that need function
pointers of low strata target doesn't use "beneath" too.

The process record and replay target has 6 function pointers
record_beneath_to_resume, record_beneath_to_wait,
record_beneath_to_prepare_to_store, record_beneath_to_xfer_partial,
record_beneath_to_insert_breakpoint and
They are set in function "update_current_target". They are always
point to the function of low strata target.

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