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Re: [patch] fix for c++/2416

Aleksandar Ristovski wrote:
> Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 01:53:13PM -0500, Aleksandar Ristovski wrote:
>>> See revisited diff (attached). Also, please find attached the 
>>> testcase diff, I added check for reference casting. Do I need to 
>>> provide change log for tests too?
>> The testsuite changes look fine but do need a changelog; that
>> goes in testsuite/ChangeLog.
> 2008-02-28  Aleksandar Ristovski  <>
>     * gdb.cp/ Add class reference variables.
>     * gdb.cp/casts.exp: New test cases for up/down casting references.

Is the testsuite diff (including changelog) ok to commit? The added tests
add 2 more FAIL-s and 2 more PASS-es to the tests, which should turn into 4
PASS-es, pending the fix to PR2416.

>> There's nothing wrong with casting a reference to a non-reference;
>> that coerces the reference.  Also you have to beware typedefs.
>>       enum type_code code1, code2;
>>       code1 = TYPE_CODE (check_typedef (value_type (arg1)));
>>       code2 = TYPE_CODE (check_typedef (value_type (arg2)));
>>       if (code1 == TYPE_CODE_REF && code2 == TYPE_CODE_REF)
>>         arg1 = value_cast_pointers (type, arg1);
>>       else if (code1 == TYPE_CODE_REF)
>>         error (_("Attempt to cast to reference type from non-reference 
>> type."));
>>       else
>>         arg1 = value_cast (type, arg1);
> Allright, then how about this, yet newer and yet more revisited diff? I 
> removed changes to eval.c and let it simply call value_cast as it used 
> to. Now value_cast knows how to handle references.
> 2008-02-28  Aleksandar Ristovski <>
>     * valops.c (value_cast_structs): New function. Cast related
>     STRUCT types up/down and return cast value. The body of this
>     function comes mostly from value_cast_pointers.
>     (value_cast_pointers): Code for actual cast STRUCT-STRUCT moved
>     to value_cast_structs. Now value_cast_pointers needs only create
>     appropriate reference after using value_cast_structs for actual
>     casting.
>     (value_cast): Handle references.

I haven't received any feedback on this.

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