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Re: cleanup mi error message handling

 > > `"&" STRING-OUTPUT'
 > >      The log stream contains debugging messages being produced by GDB's
 > >      internals.
 > > 
 > > I still think that means we shouldn't be producing them for
 > > errors.

>From mi-interp.c:

  /* Create MI channels */
  mi->err = mi_console_file_new (raw_stdout, "&", '"');
  mi->log = mi->err;

Maybe the documentation is imprecise but it's pretty clear from the code that
this channel was intended for errors.

 > I agree. What happens now is that on errors, Eclipse shows the error message
 > in red. Good, however since it does not show the MI commands user will know
 > what something is wrong, but won't have any clue why.

Maybe that's a shortcoming of Eclipse.  And if it is a problem then it is
surely one which an Eclipse developer should raise.

 >                                                       If the point is just
 > to show to the user that some error has happened, then the ^error is pretty
 > sufficient. 

I've said why I don't think it's sufficient but I'm not going to repeat myself.

 >            And if we enable logging of MI commands, user can see the
 > information even if nothing goes to "&" channel.

And nothing goes to the console.  Same old story.

 > So I'd agree that removing those error messages is good. I plan to review
 > the patch in detail next week.


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