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Re: Cleanup MI testsuite

A Wednesday 26 March 2008 13:29:52, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> When I've checked in the patch to implement per-thread varobjs, I've
> implicitly assumed that MI output does not change in single-threaded
> programs, so no testsuite update is necessary. However, that's not
> necessary true, and with Pedro's recent patch, is not true on x86.

My patch affected every linux native target, independently
of arch.  Were you testing on Cygwin instead for example, when you
get to main, there's already 2 threads listed in info threads.  The
main thread and another one internal to cygwin1.dll.

> Updating the testsuite should be trivial, except that MI testsuite
> is poorly designed:
> - Just about every test uses regular expression that the output
> much match
> - The expression is too rigid, so a new field in the output
> breaks it.
> So, I've checked in the below patch that makes just about every
> test for -var-create and -var-list-children use helper functions.
> Along the way, it allows the thread-id field in the output of
> those commands.
> Testing on x86 with and without printing of thread id for varobjs
> shows no issues.

Very Nice!

Pedro Alves

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