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Re: [RFA] fix for rbreak issue w/ "Junk at end of arguments"

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 8:32 AM, Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:
> Thanks for fixing this.  It's OK, modulo our whitespace conventions
> (space before paren); I fixed that and checked it in.

Ahh, how I've missed the GNU coding conventions.  8-)  Thanks.

> Want write access?
> If so, fill out the form; it's on the front page of the
> web site.

Sure, why not.  It's easier (for you all 8-) than having you apply
patches for me.

> Oddly the test doesn't fail for me even though I've got an
> __libc_start_main@plt.  It's not setting a breakpoint at the
> PLT entry... boo, it thinks that comes from a startfile.  Another day.

Yeah.  It seemed likely that this didn't fail in the same way for
everybody -- otherwise I think a lot of people would have screamed by
now, and it would have been fixed sooner.

That's why I coded the test so that it didn't even *attempt* to verify
a breakpoint on the @plt symbol on linux, and that's also why i
verified that the issue existed on two different distro's.

I don't have a system on which it did not fail previously, otherwise i
probably would have investigated a bit further before submitting the
patch.  (Now that you have confirmed that the patch is reasonable, I
don't really want to spend time investigating, of course.  8-)



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