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Re: linux native async mode support

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 01:57:30PM +1200, Nick Roberts wrote:
>  > It's really a timing issue, and that's why I can't reproduce -- it is
>  > timing/host sensitive.  So this means this problem isn't related to my
>  > patch, but it's a general async issue, that may be visible too in "target
>  > async" connected to a gdbserver for example.  Although since we're running
>  > over a slower link there, nobody was probably seeing it.  I don't know
>  > enough MI to say if this is according to the spec or not, but it feels like
>  > a testsuite deficiency, is it not?
> I don't think it's a testsuite deficiency but, coincidentally, Vladimir has
> just been talking about removing the "(gdb) \n" after ^running.  This may be
> a good reason to do it.
> The patch below fixes the fails that I was seeing in mi-var-child-f.exp.

This seems to be a general async issue, not related specifically to
Linux.  So let's address it separately.  If you think this patch is
right, could you post it in a new thread with an explanation, please?

Daniel Jacobowitz

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