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Re: [patch] Fix testsuite annotate-quit race (PR 544)

 > * I still face testsuite results flutter making the day-to-day regressions
 >   evaluations expensive.  Most of the flutters are fixed in gdb-6.8 but still
 >   some of them remain, this fix is for one of them.
 >   * I do not care much if it FAILs or PASSes but it must not flutter.
 > * I found it is a known PR 544 only after I fixed it.
 > * I fixed it as it was a nuisance reported by the courtesy of Roland McGrath.
 > * As the SIGINT blocking in RL_REDISPLAY fixes the race (1 of 10 cases to 0 of
 >   350 cases during my test) I find it a proof there must be some race.
 >   In fact if you check that RL_REDISPLAY modifies a lot of global variables
 >   being tangled by SIGINT-handler-called RL_FREE_LINE_STATE it is clear some
 >   locking is missing there.
 > * Sure I am fine to keep the patch in the local branch.

I find it to resolve such matters easier by talking person to person than
communicating by e-mail, but here goes:

You say "I am fine to keep the patch in the local branch." but from the
preceding points it sounds anything but fine.  I don't have the understanding
of readline to make a judgement on your patch but I am just worried it will
break something for Emacs just as a previous change that you and Daniel made to
readline did.

It appear to me that the only problem this FAIL is causing is with the actual
running of the testsuite.  I would be quite happy if this test was just
removed.  Would that work for everyone else?


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