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Re: linux native async mode support

I've really gone through your patch to try to understand it, not review it
but you might as well have my thoughts.

 > 	* linux-nat.h (re_check_for_thread_db): Declare.

recheck_for_thread_db (assuming it means "check again").

The word "re" on it's own is an abbreviation for "regarding" and
in GDB it's generally used for "regular expression".

 > +static void
 > +clear_waitpid_queue (void)
 > +{
 > +  struct waitpid_result *event = waitpid_queue;
 > +  while (event)
 > +    {
 > +      struct waitpid_result *next = event->next;
 > +      xfree (event);
 > +      event = next;
 > +    }
 > +  waitpid_queue = NULL;
 > +}

   struct waitpid_result *next, *event = waitpid_queue;
   while (event)
       next = event->next;
       xfree (event);
       event = next;

I guess the compiler will optimise it anyway but shouldn't
the declaration be outside the loop?

 > +/* Disable async mode.  */
 > +
 > +static void
 > +linux_nat_disable_async (void)


 > +/* Enable async mode.  */
 > +
 > +static void
 > +linux_nat_enable_async (void)

 Previously you've added linux_nat_async_events (int enable).  So should
 this be:

 linux_nat_toggle_async (int enable)

 for consistency?  (or linux_nat_async_events -> linux_nat_async_disable_events

 As a rule what does GDB do elsewhere in these situations?

 > +  add_setshow_zinteger_cmd ("lin-lwp-async", no_class,
 > +			    &debug_linux_nat_async, _("\
 > +Set debugging of GNU/Linux async lwp module."), _("\
 > +Show debugging of GNU/Linux async lwp module."), _("\
 > +Enables printf debugging output."),
 > +			    NULL,
 > +			    show_debug_linux_nat_async,
 > +			    &setdebuglist, &showdebuglist);
add_setshow_boolean_cmd ("lin-lwp-async", class_maintenance,

I guess you copied from "lin-lwp" but I think this should be
boolean too (only a few currently are: timestamp and xml)

The other "set debug" commands are also in class_maintenance, although
I'm not sure what effect that has here.


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