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Re: [RFA] Keep breakpoints always inserted.

> From: Vladimir Prus <>
> Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 13:12:14 +0300
> Cc:
> I've added NEW and documentation.


> +set breakpoint always-inserted
> +show breakpoint always-inserted
> +  Keep breakpoints always inserted in the target.

This entry is not detailed enough to be useful.  Please keep in mind
that GDB users are not necessarily aware of the fact that GDB removes
the breakpoints whenever the inferior stops and reinserts them before
resuming it.

> +By default, @value{GDBN} inserts breakpoints in the target only when
> +resuming the target, and removes breakpoints whenever the target stop.

> +This behaviour guards against leaving breakpoints inserted in the
> +target should gdb abrubptly disconnect, which is possible with remote
> +targets.

Without explaining that a breakpoint replaces a portion of code with a
breakpoint instruction, the reader will not understand what is
dangerous about this.

>                      This bevaious can be controlled with the following
You mean "behavior", right?

> +This is the default behaviour.  All breakpoints, including newly added
Please use the US spelling ("behavior"), for consistency.

> +@item set breakpoint always-inserted on
> +Causes all breakpoints to be inserted in the target at all times.  If
> +the user adds a new breakpoint, or changes an existing breakpoint, the
> +breakpoints in the target are updated immediately.  A breakpoint is
> +removed from the target only when breakpoint itself is removed.

It would be good to give the reader a hint when this behavior is

Otherwise, okay with me.

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