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Re: [RFC] Strings and arrays without malloc

>>>>> "Thiago" == Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:

Thiago> 2. Create new types (using Python's C API) to represent the classes we
Thiago> want to expose to Python. All of the implementation would be in C, then.
Thiago> The glue would be more complicated (but maybe not much more
Thiago> complicated), but then the implementation is all in one language, and in
Thiago> one place.

Yeah.  I started implementing a simple accessor for some frame state,
and I though that it would probably be better to change my approach a
bit.  The reason is if you get a frame, you will probably often want
access to more than one attribute of the frame, and it seems more
efficient, and cleaner, to bundle this up.

But, the problem with object mappings like this is that managing the
lifetime of the objects in the scripting language can be a pain.  I'm
not really a gdb expert so I don't know how difficult this will be in

Thiago> I think there are lots of eyes on this Python support thing,
Thiago> including mine. :-)

Thiago> I'm starting to put some hands on it too, FWIW.

Let's set up a branch or make a git repository or something like that.
What works for you?


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