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Re: Don't paginate "new thread" events

A Wednesday 12 March 2008 03:01:29, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> I think the centralization just caused more messages to printed
> compared to before, but that's just a guess. Perhaps, you could
> check an older debugger (before the notification was centralized
> inside "add_thread", for instance 6.7.1) with a much smaller terminal
> height, and see if you get the same kind of issues...

I did check with an old debugger, but both systems I have access to,
linux and cygwin, used printf_unfiltered before.  I can only
expect that on the other systems, the user is getting a SIGTTOU,
and nobody has bothered to complain.

> However, I tend to agree that having these notifications be
> paginated can be annoying. I support the change below, but
> I'd like to have other's opinion. Based on the analysis above,
> your patch would be introducing a change of behavior, so a
> consensus on its usefulness would be nice...

Thanks for taking a look!

Pedro Alves

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