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Re: Don't paginate "new thread" events

> New thread events printing ("New Thread 0x40077950 (LWP 13229)]") was
> recently centralised in add_thread.  Unfortunatelly it brought with
> it a behaviour change.  Before, we wouldn't paginate when these
> events filled the terminal screen, and now we do.

Actually, I think it's a little more complicated than that. I had
a second look at the patch, and the routines that were used to print
the event notifications were either "printf_filtered" or "ui_out_text"
(which in CLI mode results in a printf_filtered).

I think the centralization just caused more messages to printed
compared to before, but that's just a guess. Perhaps, you could
check an older debugger (before the notification was centralized
inside "add_thread", for instance 6.7.1) with a much smaller terminal
height, and see if you get the same kind of issues...

> This is quite bad, as gdb now waits for use input to proceed.  Also,
> since add_thread doesn't target_terminal_ours, gdb just stops due to
> SIGTTOU when the pagination kicks in ("want to continue y or n"
> prompt).  User now has to fg to restore it...

However, I tend to agree that having these notifications be
paginated can be annoying. I support the change below, but
I'd like to have other's opinion. Based on the analysis above,
your patch would be introducing a change of behavior, so a
consensus on its usefulness would be nice...


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