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Re: [patch] fix for PR2424

 >                    ...(I am not working on CDT but I was explained that
 > missing "reason" is to blame, and after the patch I proposed I was told
 > things now work as expected).

As expected for CDT, you mean?
 > @Nick: I think the breakpoint should be reported. The fact that it is
 > temporary doesn't make it much different than a regular breakpoint... but
 > maybe I'm missing something.

It's only a message so it's probably not that important, but when the user sees:

  Breakpoint 1, main (argc=1, argv=0xbf844314) at myprog.c:95

and then looks at the breakpoint list and breakpoint 1 isn't there, he might
get confused.

Likewise for a frontend with a reason like "breakpoint-hit".  Perhaps a new
one, like "temporary-breakpoint-hit", is needed.

 > +  /* Delete the breakpoint we stopped at, if it wants to be deleted.
 > +     Delete any breakpoint that is to be deleted at the next stop.  */
 > +  breakpoint_auto_delete (stop_bpstat);
 >    annotate_stopped ();
 >    observer_notify_normal_stop (stop_bpstat);
 >  }

If anyone ever uses observer_notify_normal_stop, then presumably 
breakpoint_auto_delete would need to go after that.


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