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Re: [OB] pointer ref, m2-typeprint.c

> Ooh thanks, that seems to have fixed attachments.
> On Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 05:37:03PM -0700, wrote:
>>     CHECK_TYPEDEF (type);
>> -   code = TYPE_CODE (type);
> Coverity's software is a tool, not a goal, and it's no substitute for
> knowing what the code is doing.

Daniel, I know what the code is doing.
I'm not doing this without analyzing things.

Doesn't mean I can't make a mistake -- but I'm not just
doing things blindly...

> Please stop moving things around just to make it happy.

I wouldn't do that.

> If the second line I quoted could crash, the first
> line definitely will; so if TYPE can really be NULL here, we should
> fix it properly (instead of this change, which removes the helpful
> notice that something is wrong :-).

Nooooo... I don't think my change removes any notice.
Take another look, please?

You may be right that CHECK_TYPEDEF is also a deref.
I confess I took that for granted without checking it.

I always assumed that CHECK_TYPEDEF was safe, since we so often
blythely call it without checking.  I guess it's not...

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