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Re: Make all four mipsisa* simulators support mipsisa{32,64}{,r2}

Joel Brobecker <> writes:
>> Although most mipsisa* GNU tools support all four of MIPS32, MIP32r2,
>> MIPS64 and MIPS64r2, the gdb simulator doesn't.  So while the gcc
>> configurations build multilibs for all four targets, it usually isn't
>> possible to test them all using one configuration's simulator.
> [..]
>> sim/mips/
>> 	* (sim_mipsisa3264_configs): New variable.
>> 	(mipsis32*-*-, mipsisa32r2*-*-*, mips64*-*-*, mips64r2*-*-*): Make
>> 	every configuration support all four targets, using the triplet to
>> 	determine the default.
>> 	* configure: Regenerate.
> I think this deserves an entry in gdb/NEWS.

Events have proven otherwise.  I can't have tested the patch as well
as I'd thought: I think the only mips32 code I tested on mipsisa64
must have been soft-float.

It turns out that mips.igen's implementation of ldc1 does not work when
WITH_TARGET_WORD_SIZE==64.  The different W_T_W_S probably causes other
(perhaps more subtle) problems in the same line, so I've decided to
revert the patch.  I'd still like to make the change in principle,
but it clearly needs more work, and I don't have time for that at
the moment.

Sorry for screwing this up.


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