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Re: [3/3] Remove deprecated_register_gdbarch_swap infrastructure

Ulrich Weigand wrote:

> I've actually never looked at Insight before.  Where's that code
> located?

It's in the same repository as gdb, except using the module name
'insight' instead of 'gdb'.

>From looking at the modules file it looks like you could get an insight
checkout by starting with a gdb checkout and then adding the gdb/gdbtk
and gdb/testsuite/gdb.gdbtk directories, plus the tcl/tk stuff:

naked-gdb-guifull -a src/gdb
naked-gdb       -a !src/gdb/gdbtk !src/gdb/testsuite/gdb.gdbtk src/gdb
gdb-support     -a naked-texinfo naked-bfd naked-opcodes \
                naked-readline naked-libiberty naked-include \
                naked-sim naked-cpu src/djunpack.bat naked-intl \
# Module reflecting active development.
gdb             -a naked-gdb gdb-support
gdb+dejagnu     -a gdb naked-dejagnu naked-expect naked-tcl
gdb+binutils    -a gdb naked-binutils naked-gas naked-gprof naked-ld
binutils+gdb    -a gdb+binutils
gdb+dejagnu+binutils -a gdb+dejagnu naked-binutils naked-gas naked-gprof
gdb+binutils+dejagnu -a gdb+dejagnu+binutils
binutils+gdb+dejagnu -a gdb+dejagnu+binutils

insight         -a naked-gdb-guifull gdb-support \
                naked-tcl naked-tk naked-itcl naked-tix naked-libgui
insight+dejagnu -a insight naked-dejagnu naked-expect


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