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Re: [patch ping^2] suppress annoying warnings about cygwin1.dbg

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> There are loadable sections in an ELF debug-only file; they all have
> type NOBITS instead of PROGBITS, but are otherwise unchanged.  I'm
> going to make a wild guess here that says you can't do that in
> PE-COFF, so the text section is actually missing.  So probably we
> should figure out whether we're loading a debug-info-only file at this
> point, and not issue those warnings.  Or else remove the warnings
> entirely.

Ah, wish I'd known that at the time:

So, the proper way then would be to set some flag if we're reading a
.gnu-debuglink file and not generate the warnings in the first place?  I
can try to come up with something along those lines then.

> The redirection to /dev/null is silly and should go away, by the way,
> so relying on it isn't the right fix.  I don't remember if my recently

Right, it always looked pretty ugly to me, but when I initially started
looking at this I just wanted insight to shut the **** up.


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