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Re: [PING] [rfc]: Framework for looking up multiply defined global symbols in shared libraries

On Tue, 05 Jun 2007 05:44:35 +0200
Markus Deuling <> wrote:

> Is this ok to commit?
> ChangeLog:
> 	* cp-namespace.c (lookup_symbol_file): Add block to
> 	lookup_symbol_global call.
> 	* (solist_h): Add dependency on symtab header.
> 	(solib.o): Add dependency on objfiles header.
> 	(symtab.o): Add dependency on solist header.
> 	* solib.c (solib_global_lookup): New function.
> 	* solib-svr4.c (scan_dyntag): Likewise.
> 	(elf_locate_base): Call helper routine scan_dyntag.
> 	(elf_lookup_lib_symbol): New function.
> 	(_initialize_svr4_solib): Add elf_lookup_lib_symbol to svr4_so_ops.
> 	* solist.h (symtab.h): New include.
> 	(lookup_lib_global_symbol): New prototype.
> 	(solib_global_lookup): Likewise.
> 	* symtab.c: New include solist.h.
> 	(lookup_objfile_from_block): New function.
> 	(lookup_global_symbol_from_objfile): New function.
> 	(basic_lookup_symbol_nonlocal): Add block to lookup_symbol_global call.
> 	(lookup_symbol_global): Call library-specific lookup procedure.
> 	* symtab.h (lookup_global_symbol_from_objfile): New prototype.
> 	* gdb.base/libmd.c: New file (testcase multiple symbol lookup).
> 	* gdb.base/libmd.h: Likewise.
> 	* gdb.base/solib_symbol.c: Likewise.
> 	* gdb.base/solib_symbol.exp: Likewise.

Your changes to solib.c, solib-svr.c, and solist.h are approved.


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