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Re: [rfc] [1/2] Clean up built-in types v2: Add default "nodebug" types

> 	* gdbtypes.h (struct builtin_type): New members nodebug_text_symbol,
> 	nodebug_data_symbol, nodebug_unknown_symbol, and nodebug_tls_symbol.
> 	* gdbtypes.c (gdbtypes_post_init): Initialize nodebug_ default types.
> 	* parse.c (msym_text_symbol_type, msym_data_symbol_type): Remove.
> 	(msym_unknown_symbol_type, msym_tls_symbol_type): Remove.
> 	(write_exp_msymbol): Use builtin nodebug_ types instead of them.
> 	(build_parse): Remove.
> 	(_initialize_parse): Do not call build_parse.  Do not register
> 	msym_ types for gdbarch-swapping.
> 	* dwarf2read.c (new_symbol): Use default nodebug_data_symbol type
> 	instead of creating private type.
> 	* xcoffread.c (func_symbol_type, var_symbol_type): Remove.
> 	(_initialize_xcoffread): Do not initialized them.
> 	(process_xcoff_symbol): Use builtin nodebug_ types instead of them.
> 	* mdebugread.c (nodebug_func_symbol_type): Remove.
> 	(nodebug_var_symbol_type): Remove.
> 	(_initialize_mdebugread): Do not initialize them.
> 	(parse_symbol): Use builtin nodebug_ type instead of them.
> 	(parse_procedure): Likewise.

I've committed this now.


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  GNU Toolchain for Linux on System z and Cell BE

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