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[rfc] Remove dead code in gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c


in gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c is an occurence of macro PC_LOAD_SEGMENT which was deleted a long time
ago. I guess the code inside the if #define/#endif is dead code. This patch removes it. I'm not sure how to test it :-)


	* gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c (get_frame_name): Remove dead code

Is this ok to commit?

Markus Deuling
GNU Toolchain for Linux on Cell BE

diff -urN src/gdb/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c dev/gdb/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c
--- src/gdb/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c	2007-05-23 05:30:04.000000000 +0200
+++ dev/gdb/gdbtk/generic/gdbtk-stack.c	2007-06-22 09:48:32.000000000 +0200
@@ -601,16 +601,6 @@
       objv[0] = Tcl_NewStringObj (funname != NULL ? funname : "??", -1);
-      /* If we couldn't print out function name but if can figure out what
-         load segment this pc value is from, at least print out some info
-         about its load segment. */
-      if (!funname)
-	{
-	  Tcl_AppendStringsToObj (objv[0], " from ", PC_LOAD_SEGMENT (fi->pc),
-				  (char *) NULL);
-	}
 #ifdef PC_SOLIB
       if (!funname)

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