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Re: For example only, updated Windows DLL support and gdbserver DLL support

On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 09:05:51PM +0200, Ulrich Weigand wrote:
> One thing I don't quite like is this:
> > +      if (core_vec->xfer_shared_libraries != NULL)
> > +	return core_vec->xfer_shared_libraries (ops, object, annex, readbuf,
> > +					       writebuf, offset, len);
> I had understood the core_fns method of providing a core file target to
> be deprecated, and in fact I just recently got rid of it for AIX in favour
> of the gdbarch_regset_from_core_section callback ...   I'd prefer this to
> be a gdbarch callback (which would also support core file cross-debugging).

I hadn't even thought about it.  Yes, you're right.

> It looks like the only way to get this to work within the regular solib
> framework would be to actually teach solib.c itself about this form of
> archive members.

Yes, I think you're right.  How about we add an optional member=""
attribute to <library>, and make the common solib.c code open it?
We'd also have to allow .o files.

I'm not sure how much trouble you'll have reporting the correct
relocations for an object file.  Do you get something based on
sections, or do AIX object files have a fixed number of segments?

One thing I've thought of doing is having <section name="blah"
address="blah"/> tags, as an alternative to segment; or they could
have id="N" instead of using section name, or whatever else was
necessary.  So far I haven't needed it, but it would work for
e.g. Linux KGDB which also loads .o files.  Though that's just an
example; actually, for KGDB I'd rather have a bit of Python
distributed with GDB or with the kernel that knows how to list
additional "libraries" :-)

Daniel Jacobowitz

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