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Re: ColdFire/fido support

On Saturday 16 June 2007 14:20, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > From: Vladimir Prus <>
> > Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 23:05:25 +0400
> > Cc: Andreas Schwab <>,,  Eli Zaretskii <>
> > 
> > Does this doco patch look good?
> It's okay, but I'd prefer to convert the two subsections--the old ARM
> one and the new one you wrote--into @node's, and add a menu in their
> parent.  With two targets (and more to come, I presume), it is no
> longer a good idea to hide those subsections from the menu traversing
> commands of an Info reader.

Okay, I'll do this.

> > +An M68K target is required to have either the
> > +@samp{org.gnu.gdb.m68k.core} feature or the
> > +@samp{org.gnu.gdb.coldfire.core} feature or the 
> > +@samp{} feature.  Which feature is present
> > +determines which flavour of m68k is used.  The present feature 
> > +should contain registers @samp{d0} through @samp{d7}, 
> > +@samp{a0} through @samp{a5}, @samp{fp}, @samp{sp}, @samp{ps} and 
> > +@samp{pc}.
> > +
> > +The @samp{org.gnu.gdb.coldfire.fp} feature is optional.  If present, it
> > +should contain registers @samp{fp0} through @samp{fp7},
> > +@samp{fpcontrol}, @samp{fpstatus} and @samp{fpiaddr}.
> Isn't it better to use an @itemize list here?  How about the following
> rewording:
>     @node M68K Features
>     @subsection M68K Features
>     @cindex target descriptions, M68K features
>     An M68K target can have either one of the following features:
>     @itemize @bullet{}
>     @item
>     @samp{org.gnu.gdb.m68k.core}
>     @itemx
>     @samp{org.gnu.gdb.coldfire.core}
>     @itemx
>     @samp{}
>     The feature that is present determines which flavor of m86k is
>     used.  The feature that is present should contain registers
>     @samp{d0} through @samp{d7}, @samp{a0} through @samp{a5}, @samp{fp},
>     @samp{sp}, @samp{ps} and @samp{pc}.
>     @item
>     @samp{org.gnu.gdb.coldfire.fp}
>     This feature is optional.  If present, it should contain registers
>     @samp{fp0} through @samp{fp7}, @samp{fpcontrol}, @samp{fpstatus} and
>     @samp{fpiaddr}.
>     @end itemize

When I try copy-pasting this, I get:

	@itemx not meaningful inside `itemize' block.

It also seems that the general structure says that both .*core* and coldfire.fp are optional,
while I meant to say that one of .*core.* is required, while coldfire.fp is optional.

> Finally, please use the US English variant of spelling: "flavor", not
> "flavour".


- Volodya

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