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Re: [rfc] Shared libraries over the remote protocol, take two

Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes:
> Here is a new attempt at remote shared library events.  The major
> protocol changes since last time are the elimination of load/unload
> events (just query the whole list again), the use of target objects
> (so that this can be used more easily for other targets, like AIX)
> , and the use XML (because I had to both escape the entire message
> and then the library name - my rule of thumb is that when I need to
> invent a new way to escape special characters, I should probably use
> XML, since it offers a standard way to do that "for free").
> I have tested this on native Windows and using a Windows gdbserver,
> both with the patch coming up next.  It seems to work fine.  It's also
> much simpler to explain how it works, and about half the lines of code
> of the previous version.

With the following DTD:

    <!-- library-list: Root element with versioning -->
    <!ELEMENT library-list  (library)*>
    <!ATTLIST library-list  version CDATA   #FIXED  "1.0">
    <!ELEMENT library       (segment)*>
    <!ATTLIST library       name    CDATA   #REQUIRED>
    <!ELEMENT segment       EMPTY>
    <!ATTLIST segment       address CDATA   #REQUIRED>

there's no way to have several segments at different offsets, because
segments aren't allowed to have names.  Shouldn't segments have a name

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