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Re: ColdFire/fido support

On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 02:58:36PM +0400, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > This sets flavour partly based on the target, and partly based on the
> > object file.  That's a bit confusing - we can determine float return
> > behavior strictly from the object file, and it's only the object
> > file's behavior that matters.
> Not necessary. You can connect to a stub without having a file at all,
> and you'd still want to have some coldfire-specific behaviour, for example
> this:
> 	 if (flavour == m68k_coldfire_flavour || flavour == m68k_fido_flavour)
> 	    set_gdbarch_decr_pc_after_break (gdbarch, 2);
> if you determine flavour based solely on file, then if you connect to a stub
> without having any file at all, no flavour will be detected, and breakpoints won't
> work correctly.
> I suppose I can add file-based detection for fido, just like it's done for coldfire,
> but I don't think removing XML-based detection is right. What do you think?

Right, sorry - I know what I meant to say, but I didn't say it.

Float return behavior is not a property of the target at all; it's a
property of the compiler options used.  decr_pc_after_break is a
target property, though, so we should trust the target.  This isn't
important, though, so feel free to commit without changing this.  If
it causes any problems we can clean it up later.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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