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Re: [rfa] Cross corefile support for ARM

On Thu, Jun 08, 2006 at 11:24:32AM -0400, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> I've reimplemented ARM Linux corefile support to use the new interfaces, and
> work for cross-debuggers.  I needed this last week to track down a problem
> in an EABI binary and I didn't have an EABI native GDB available.
> I've tested it manually in both cross and native configurations; it actually
> fixes FPA (NWFPE) support for core files, which had gotten broken at some
> point in the past when ARM stopped providing FP0_REGNUM.
> This whole story is a bit of an embarrassment.  I've implemented this at
> least twice in the past but never cleaned it up enough to submit it.  And
> Girish Shilamkar submitted something similar in February, although I didn't
> notice at the time that (A) he didn't remove the existing core file support
> in arm-linux-nat.c, which would probably break native ARM gdbs, and (B) the
> FP support was bogus and didn't match any core dump layout I'm famliar with.
> And I never heard back about TimeSys's copyright assignment, so that's been
> sitting in limbo.
> Look OK?

Hi Richard,

Did you notice:

(Needed it again today :-)

Daniel Jacobowitz

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