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Re: [PATCH] MI Doco

 > > Just one part of the second patch (GDB/MI Compatibility with CLI) was
 > > part of the previous patch.  Are you clear about/OK with this part?:
 > > 
 > > 	(GDB/MI Data Manipulation): Remove description of unimplemented
 > > 	display related commands as variable objects perform this function
 > > 	and are superior: -display-delete, -display-disable,
 > > 	-display-enable, -display-insert and -display-list.  Move
 > > 	-environment-cd, -environment-directory, -environment-path
 > > 	and -environment-pwd to "Program Context".
 > Please don't do things like that: please don't mix a corrected patch
 > with another as yet unseen patch, especially not in such large
 > patches.  I checked a few changes, saw that you fixed my comments, and
 > didn't look farther.  I cannot afford reading such large patches
 > several times; I usually trust people that when they say they took
 > care of my comments, they really did.

As you had given (conditiomal) approval for the first patch, I thought it
would be safe to send a second.  Anyway I see now that I shouldn't have
confused the issue.  For some changes, like the one above, I think you
could just look at the ChangeLog entry.

 > Now please post only the new parts, the ones I've never seen.  Please
 > don't commit anything before that.

I'm not sure where this is leading because at some stage I will want to commit
the parts that you have already seen and approved.  It would be easier for me
to commit those now and submit a patch for the new parts, so that there is no
more confusion about what you are approving.  Would that be OK?


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