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Re: starting gdb/mi from FE

On Jun 5, 2006, at 7:02 PM, Nick Roberts wrote:

Nick, could you explain why the restart is a problem?  The time GDB
takes to reject an interpreter doesn't seem too bad.  I don't want to
optimize the wrong thing.

It's just more complicated to handle and I can see no advantage. With Emacs,
compare M-x gdb and mistyping a CLI command to M-x gdb and giving gdb an
unrecognised option.

I thought there already was a "set interp", but it seems I was

I think Apple have such a command but have not ported it back to FSF GDB

This is not relevant to the discussion, but just to get the history right... "set interpreter" was part of the interpreter command that I did a while back. When it was ported to FSF gdb (Keith, Andrew and Elena were the ones involved with this, IIRC) the "set interpreter" part was explicitly rejected. IIRC the argument at the time was that you could manage to do nested calls to set interpreter, and it was hard to make that work. This didn't so much bother me - people who taunt the software like that deserve what they get. So I've maintained it as a patch in our sources because having to run the whole session in mi mode when debugging mi commands is a RPITA.


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