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[applied mips sim patch] fix MIPS32/MIPS64 hi/lo hazardchecking.

[applied patch] mips sim testsuite

[commit/doc] Document KOD commands (was: show os)

[commit/mips] Cleanup code selecting the MIPS ABI

[commit/mips] Cleanup register name/number initialization

[commit/mips] Delete unneeded arch methods

[commit/mips] Eliminate some macros

[commit/mips] For elf_flags, use the previous arch

[commit/mips] PC_REGNUM cleanups

[commit/mips] Re-indent / reorg file

[commit/mips] Update the architecture when the FPU changes

[commit/mips] Wire in convert_register

[commit/obvious] top.c: update year

[commit/ppc] AIX fixes

[commit/sim/ppc] GCC 3.4 tweak

[commit/tui] Cleanup tui-stack.h

[commit/tui] Fix build problem

[commit] [avr] delete unused functions

[commit] Add EBUSY to strerror in testsuite fileio.c

[commit] Always enable catch methods

[commit] ARI cleanups

[commit] Clean up tui-command.h

[commit] Clean up tui-io.h

[commit] Cleanup tui-data.h

[commit] cleanup tui-disasm.h

[commit] delete "-Wunused-label"s

[commit] Delete #if 0'ed code in breakpoint.c

[commit] Delete some deprecated extract struct value address

[commit] Eliminate HP/UX's NPC REGNUM

[commit] handle_inferior_event() extract some code into a separate function (take 2)

[commit] More -Wunused-function cleanups

[commit] New exciting tweaks for fnchange.lst

[commit] Obvious fixups for dwarf2expr.c

[commit] Rename tui files

[commit] rm unused symtab & sh functions; Was: [obish] -Wunused-functionwarnings

[commit] Tidy tui-layout.h

[commit] Update fnchange.lst

[commit] Update's copyright

[commit] Update Makefile dependencies

[commit] Update rtti.exp and templates.exp

[commit] Wire up mn10300_dump_tdep

[commit] Zap ocd.c of Wunused-functions

[COMMITTED PATCH] add roland to write-after-approval

[Committed] RFA/doc: couple of small Obj-C documentation tweaks

Re: [cplus] Add an entry point for cp-names

[cplus] Add cp-demangle.h to branch

Re: [cplus] An initial use of the canonicalizer

[cplus] Merge fixups for new demangler interface 1/2

[cplus] Merge fixups for new demangler interface 2/2

[cplus] Parser tweak

[cplus] Use the parser in cp-support.c

[dictionary] merge with mainline

[Fwd: [wip:binutils] Large corefile support]

[gdbserver] Avoid unnecessary resumes

[ob] Cleanups made possible by SPARC rewrite


[ob] Delete never referenced functions

[ob] Don't return a value when a void fn

[OB] fix array size in sh-dis.c

[ob] Fix iso-c 99 ism

[ob] Fix the bug chng-syms.exp is testing for

[ob] Make do_my_cleanups static

[ob] Missing "extern" in header

[ob] More Wunused-function elimination

[ob] Random cleanups

[ob] Strip mdebugread.c of DEPRECATED_STREQ

[ob] Testsuite fix for chng-syms.exp

[ob] Update arguments to bpstat_stop_status

[ob] Update copyright years for breakpoint.h

[ob] Zap dead declarations

[obish/cris] Delete extract_struct_value_address

[obish/dwarf2] Describe frame-base hack

[obish:sh64,xstormy16] Update extract_struct_value_address

[obish] -Wunused-function warnings

[obish] Add missing copyright years


[obish] Don't define extract_struct_value_address when return_value

[obish] Eliminate stray NPC_REGNUM in sun core code

[patch/commit/cp/testsuite] namespace.exp: accept gcc abi 2

[PATCH/commit/ob] dwarf2read.c cleanups

[patch/commit/testsuite/cp] derivation.exp

[patch/commit/testsuite/cp] make *.exp compatible with previous version

[patch/commit/testsuite/cp] method.exp: accept gcc abi 2

[patch/commit/testsuite/cp] overload.exp

[patch/commit/testsuite/cp] virtfunc.exp

[patch/cp/testsuite] local.exp: update "ptype Local", is now "ptype l"

[patch/hp] config/pa/tm-hppah.h: fix extern declarations

[patch/hpux] hpread.c: fix static data members

[patch/obsolete] op50-rom.c, w89k-rom.c: delete

[patch/obvious/testsuite] remove references to ${binfile}.ci

[patch/obvious] Fix compilation errors in utils.c under __GO32__


[patch/rfc/testsuite] Fix read-only fileio test on GNU/Linux

[patch/rfc/testsuite] Test GDB on not-so-little core files

[patch/rfc:rfa:doco] Deprecate extract_struct_value_address

[patch/rfc] Give decr pc after break a default of zero

[patch/rfc] Give function_start_offset a default

[patch/rfc] KFAIL EBUSY kernel bug

Re: [patch/rfc] Only unpush open targets

[PATCH/RFC] Reorganize osabi.c:generic_elf_osabi_sniff_abi_tag_sections()

[patch/rfc] Use i686-pc-linux-gnu as the releng target

[patch/rfc] {mi,tui}/ChangeLog -> {mi,tui}/ChangeLog-YYYY-yyyy

[PATCH/SPARC] Add/Fix NetBSD signal trampoline handling

[PATCH/SPARC] Remove redundant BIAS definitions

[PATCH/SPARC] Some minor cleanups

[PATCH/SPARC] Update copyright year

[patch/testsuite/cp/copyright] add copyright

[patch/testsuite/cp/hp] move exceptions.exp from gdb.hp/gdb.aCC to gdb.cp

[patch/testsuite/cp] accept gcc 3.4 abi 2, stabs+

[patch/testsuite/cp] bs15503.exp: recall to life

[patch/testsuite/cp] classes.exp: remove "(obsolescent gcc or gdb)"

[patch/testsuite/cp] ctti*.cc: add copyright notices

[patch/testsuite/cp] ctti.exp: partial overhaul

[patch/testsuite/cp] ctti.exp: use gdb_get_line_number

[patch/testsuite/cp] derivation.exp: cosmetic bug in protected inheritance

[patch/testsuite/cp] Add copyright notice

[patch/testsuite/cp] exception.cp: fix typo in doco

[patch/testsuite/cp] exception.exp: partially refurbish

[patch/testsuite/cp] inherit.exp: rewrite

[patch/testsuite/cp] kill supports_template_debugging

[patch/testsuite/cp] local.exp: accept gcc v3 -gstabs+

[patch/testsuite/cp] local.exp: accommodate gcc abi 2

[patch/testsuite/cp] local.exp: add "ptype l"

[patch/testsuite/cp] m-static.exp: compile one file at a time

[patch/testsuite/cp] add copyright notice

[patch/testsuite/cp] member-ptr.exp: modernize, not enabled yet

[patch/testsuite/cp] move bs15503.exp from gdb.hp/gdb.defects to gdb.cp

[patch/testsuite/cp] namespace.exp: call get_compiler_info right

[patch/testsuite/cp] templates.exp: accept gcc abi 2

[patch/testsuite/cp] templates.exp: fix typo, <volatile char*>

[patch/testsuite/cp] templates.exp: More "<foo, ?bar>"

[patch/testsuite/cp] virtfunc.exp: throw out old messages, comments

[patch/testsuite/hp] "safe to move files around" ... yeah right

[patch/testsuite/mi] pthreads.c: remove extraneous semicolon

[patch/testsuite] callfuncs.c: compile on hp-ux

[patch/testsuite] cvexpr.c: data pointers vs function pointers

[patch/testsuite] funcargs.exp: delete hp_cc_compiler setup_xfail

[patch/testsuite] funcargs.exp: delete special timeout for hppa*-hp-hpux*

[patch/testsuite] scope.exp: remove setup_xfail hppa

[patch/testsuite] setvar.exp: remove hpux xfails

Re: [PATCH: gdb/mi + doco] -stack-list-locals and -var-list-children

Re: [PATCH: gdb/mi] -stack-list-locals testcase

[PATCH: gdb/mi] -var-list-children testcase

[PATCH] Activate extract_struct_value_address for SPARC and UltraSPARC

[PATCH] Add %cs and %ss for AMD64

[PATCH] Add back SPARC VxWorks support

[PATCH] Add infrastructure for new-style core support to SPARC

[PATCH] Add kfails for PR gdb/1447 for SPARC platforms

Re: [PATCH] add m68k-uclinux-* target

[PATCH] Add missing includes to testsuite code


[PATCH] Add OpenBSD/ELF support to gdb.asm/asm-source.exp test

[PATCH] Add support for missing DWARF2 call frame instructions

[PATCH] Add support for OpenBSD/sparc and OpenBSD/sparc64

[PATCH] auxv support

[PATCH] auxv support via xfer_partial, for core files and /proc

[PATCH] Check for <machine/reg.h> and `struct reg'

[PATCH] Classify non-POD struct types more or less correctly on AMD64

Re: [PATCH] Classify non-POD struct types more or less correctlyon AMD64

[PATCH] Deal with GCC bug on 64-bit SPARC

[patch] Delete "remote cisco" (aka the "mutant remote protocol")

[PATCH] delete FORTRAN_HACK macro

[PATCH] Don't treat PC == 0 specially in inside_entry_func

[PATCH] Don't try to unwind the PC in frame.c:get_prev_frame()

[PATCH] Fix AMD64 classification for classes with static members

[PATCH] Fix another typo in sparc-sol2-nat.c

[PATCH] Fix comment related to previous patch to sparc64-tdep.c

[patch] fix for PR gdb/1534

[PATCH] Fix function call bug on AMD64

[PATCH] Fix gdb.base/test.exp test output

[PATCH] Fix PR testsuite/1504

Re: [PATCH] Fix problem with sim_load (h8300)

[PATCH] Fix remote simulator stdio/stderr callbacks

Re: [PATCH] Fix some 64-bit Objective-C bugs

[PATCH] fix trap in parallel for m32r-sim

[PATCH] Fix typo in gdb.base/gdb1476.exp

[PATCH] Fix typo in sparc-sol2-nat.c

[PATCH] Fix UltraSPARC `float' argument bug

[PATCH] Fix UltraSPARC return value problems

[PATCH] Fix v850 simops.c compilation problem

Re: [PATCH] GNU/k*BSD fixes (w/ChangeLog) [gdb]

Re: [PATCH] Handle DW_TAG_subrange_type

[PATCH] Handle OpenBSD/sparc signal trampolines

[PATCH] Ignore N_PATCH stab

[PATCH] Improve comment for frame.c:get_prev_frame()

[PATCH] Improve OpenBSD/sparc64 support

[PATCH] Infrastructore for OpenBSD/sparc StackGhost support

[PATCH] Introduce sparc32_return_value

[PATCH] Keep gdb.base/fileio.exp synched

[PATCH] Link asm-source.exp testcase statically in Solaris

[PATCH] Make gdb1476.exp more robust

[patch] make sure debug info is output in gdb.cp/namespace.exp

[PATCH] Merge SPARC branch into mainline

[PATCH] mi2-basics.exp: correctly escape directories

[PATCH] More obvious fixes in sim/sh/gencode.c

[PATCH] NetBSD/sparc core file support tweaks

Re: [PATCH] New port m32r-linux target.

[PATCH] New-style core support for FreeBSD/sparc64

[PATCH] New-style core support for NetBSD/sparc

[PATCH] New-style core support for NetBSD/sparc64

[PATCH] Partial infcmd.c cleanup

[PATCH] Ping - PR1473

[PATCH] Plug memory leak in infcmd.c:print_return_value()

[PATCH] Preparation for OpenBSD/sparc64 core file support

[PATCH] Properly recognize NetBSD/sparc a.out core dumps

[PATCH] Really make OpenBSD/sparc64 core file support work

[PATCH] Recognize OpenBSD ELF

[PATCH] Reformat blockframe.c:inside_entry_func()

[PATCH] Remove core-sol2.c

Re: [PATCH] Remove some hardwired assumptions about register sets

[PATCH] Revert to using target_link ind gdb.asm/asm-source.exp

[PATCH] S/390 port modernization - revised 1/4

[PATCH] S/390 port modernization - revised 2/4

[PATCH] S/390 port modernization - revised 3/4

[PATCH] S/390 port modernization - revised 4/4

[PATCH] s/x86_64/amd64/ for local symbols in x86_64-tdep.c

[PATCH] segv fix when eof is typed in actions

[PATCH] sim/sh whitespace cleanup

[PATCH] solaris9 procfs cleanups

[PATCH] some testsuite cleanups

[PATCH] synchronize readline w/ official patches

[PATCH] Test for double freeing in breakpoint_re_set_one

[PATCH] Testcase for null pointer call (PR backtrace/1476)

[PATCH] Tweak SPARC core file support

[PATCH] Tweak sparc_extract_struct_value_address()

[PATCH] Tweak sparc_fetch_instruction

[PATCH] Update NEWS for revised SPARC target

[PATCH] Use proper null pointer in execl() calls

[PATCH] whitespace / comments in sim/sh/gencode.c

[PATCH][newbie] Make gdb accept -feliminate-dwarf2-dups stuff

[PING/rfa/testsuite] compiler.exp: rewrite get_compiler_info

[PING2/rfa/testsuite] compiler.exp: rewrite get_compiler_info

[rfa/doco] PROBLEMS: add gdb/1516

[rfa/hp/copyright] config/pa/tm-hppah.h: update copyright years

Re: [RFA/patch] handle_inferior_event() extract some code into a separate function

Re: [RFA/patch] handle_inferior_event() extract some code into aseparate function

Re: [RFA/RFC] QUIT doesn't seem to be working !?

[rfa/symtab] Move find_pc_section call to lookup_minimal_symbol_by_pc

Re: [rfa/symtab] Move find_pc_section call tolookup_minimal_symbol_by_pc

[rfa/testsuite/copyright] callfuncs.c: add copyright notice

[rfa/testsuite/copyright] setvar.exp: add copyright years

[rfa/testsuite/PING] asm-source.exp: use UNTESTED

[rfa/testsuite/stabs] weird.exp: skip hp

[rfa/testsuite] constvars.exp, volatile.exp: hp-ux

[rfa/testsuite] rewrite get_compiler_info

Re: [RFA: mi testsuite] Gdbserver support for the MI testsuite

Re: [rfa:symtab] Delete broken "memory mapped objfile cache"


[RFA] Add sh4a tests to sim/testsuite/sim/sh

[RFA] Add sh4a to sh-sim (2nd iteration)

[RFA] breakpoint.c: Avoid double freeing in breakpoint_re_set_one

[rfa] classes, partial symtabs, and DW_AT_specification

[rfa] delete more mmalloc remnants

[RFA] dwarf2read global state cleanups, continued

[RFA] Fix "make install" for Info files

[rfa] function overloading and namespaces

[RFA] gcore: ignore no protection segments

Re: [rfa] generate fully-qualified names for types

[RFA] infrun.c:handle_inferior_event() tiny simplification (was "Re: [RFA/patch] handle_inferior_event() extract some code into a separate function")

[rfa] lookup_transparent_type hack

Re: [RFA] new test for separate debug info

Re: [RFA] Patch to imported readline to allow DJGPP build

[rfa] pc bounds checking and namespaces

Re: [RFA] Remove some sprintfs from vCont client support

[rfa] set processing_current_prefix properly (PR gdb/1520)

Re: [RFA] sh-sim: restructure expand_opcode.

[RFA] target.c: eliminate one use of DEPRECATED_REGISTER_SIZE

Re: [RFA]: error_silent for use in pending breakpoint support

Re: [RFA]: Fix do_cleanups if oldchain is NULL

Re: [RFA]: Fix for do_mixed_source_and_assembly in disasm.c

[RFA]: pending breakpoint support [1/3]

[RFA]: pending breakpoint support [2/3]

[RFA]: pending breakpoint support [3/3]

[rfc, rfa:doco] Add -Wunused-label to -Werror list

[rfc/cp] method stub assertions

[rfc/cp] take 2: method stubs asserts

[RFC/dwarf-2] Add support for included files

Re: [RFC/RFA] find_pc_sect_psymtab(): symbol table not always complete

[RFC] Gdb does not honor -tty option with builtin simulators (includes possible patch)

Re: [RFC] infrun.c: Fix infinite loop caused by breakpoint adjustment

Re: [RFC] infrun.c: Fix infinite loop caused by breakpointadjustment

[rfc] New 8.3 TUI file names

[RFC] Proposed changes in symbol-handling for Ada

Re: [RFC]: remove inconsistency in printcmd.c: print_scalar_formatted

Re: [RFC]: remove inconsistency in printcmd.c:print_scalar_formatted

Add kfails for PR gdb/1447 for AMD64


Re: complete command doesn't work for files...

cross compiler host vs build

Dejagnu changes


Falling back to h/w breakpoints on ROM targets

hook to run on attach/exec?

Re: ia64-tdep.c:get_kernel_table() not working

Re: Incorrect DWARF-2 register numbers on PPC64?

Re: make inferior calls work on ia64 even when syscall is pending


mips gdbserver reports R0 != 0

Modern way of losing bridesmaid we;ght natural maximized

New branch cagney_bigcore-20040122-branch for 64-bit off_t

PATCH: Add myself to MAINTAINERS write after approval list

PATCH: Add self to MAINTAINERS file

PATCH: clean up misapplied patch to dwarf2read.c

Re: PATCH: Fix ARM "open" simulation

PATCH: reindent comment

PATCH: testsuite Makefile runs "rm -f".

RE: Ping - RE: RFA - PATCH - Support H8/300H and H8S Normal Mode for GDB

Re: Ping - RE: RFA - PATCH - Support H8/300H and H8S Normal Modefor GDB

question about GDB, ptrace, and /proc...

Re: RFA (?) Annotate Level 3 patch

RFA/ARM: Switch mode when setting PC

RFA/doc: couple of small Obj-C documentation tweaks

RFA/doc: Remove set follow-fork-mode ask, update docs

RFA: Don't use obsavestring in dwarf2read

RFA: handle zero-length types in value_from_register

RFA: Import a readline bugfix

Re: RFA: Skip ARM ELF Mapping symbols when showing disassembly

RFC: Centralize DECR_PC_AFTER_BREAK handling from infrun

Roll ChangeLog / ChangeLog-2003

Status of DWARF-2 frames for S/390

Re: TUI build failure and SEG fault

Unreviewed patch - Fix for immediate AND operation with EXR register of H8S

Unreviewed patch : [PATCH] for @aa:8 address simulation in GDB for H8


urgent assistance

with-headers should be 'build' != 'host'

{commit: gdb/mi] -stack-list-locals and -var-list-children

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