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Re: [rfa/symtab] Move find_pc_section call to lookup_minimal_symbol_by_pc

Andrew Cagney writes:
> Hello,
> > Ref: RFA symtab: Fix for PR c++/1267 ("next" and shared libraries)
> > The change unfortunatly broke IRIX 6.5's host compiler which is using > mdebugread :-( That code was looking for a symbol in the absolute > section "*ABS*" but the PR/1267 change was causing *ABS* symbols to be > ignored (find_pc_section didn't return an absolute section).
> > Since the underlying problem with PR/1267 was with the frame code > needing a minimal symbol that was in the same section as the frame's PC, > and that code [indirectly] calls lookup_minimal_symbol_by_pc, I moved > the find_pc_section call to that function.
> > Tested on i386 GNU/Linux (dwarf 2) with no regressions.
> Tested on PPC NetBSD (stabs) with no regressions.
> Tested on IRIX and all the warnings, and many failures, disappeared.
> See gdb/1519 for how to exercise the bug.
> > ok?

ok. Does it still fix shlibs/1237 and shlibs/1280 too? Adam, could you
check please?

Isn't that covered by the testsuite? Sigh.


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