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Re: [PATCH] auxv support

> I'd like to see the manual changed to described `info auxv'.

Where does the description belong?  I tried to follow the model of `info
udot' and `info dcache', which seem similar in general flavor of topic.
But these I cannot find documented anywhere.  `info proc' is documented in
a subsection of `Native'.  That does not seem appropriate, since `info auxv'
works on target core files regardless of host, and probably soon will work
for remote targets.  As written, the `info auxv' is available in all
configurations, just only ever succeeds for certain targets.  So it doesn't
seem like it belongs under @chapter Configuration-Specific Information at all.
Perhaps it should just be a new section in @chapter Examining Data?

How about this?

--- gdb.texinfo.~1.190.~	2004-01-28 16:21:23.000000000 -0800
+++ gdb.texinfo	2004-01-29 00:20:19.000000000 -0800
@@ -4684,6 +4684,7 @@ Table}.
 * Registers::                   Registers
 * Floating Point Hardware::     Floating point hardware
 * Vector Unit::                 Vector Unit
+* Auxiliary Vector::            Auxiliary data provided by operating system
 * Memory Region Attributes::    Memory region attributes
 * Dump/Restore Files::          Copy between memory and a file
 * Character Sets::              Debugging programs that use a different
@@ -5864,6 +5865,32 @@ Display information about the vector uni
 layout vary depending on the hardware.
 @end table
+@node Auxiliary Vector
+@section Operating system auxiliary vector
+@cindex auxiliary vector
+@cindex vector, auxiliary
+Some operating systems supply an @dfn{auxiliary vector} to programs at
+startup.  This is akin to the arguments and environment that you
+specify for a program, but contains a system-dependent variety of
+binary values that tell system libraries important details about the
+hardware, operating system, and process.  Each value's purpose is
+identified by an integer tag; the meanings are well-known but system-specific.
+Depending on the configuration and operating system facilities,
+@value{GDBN} may be able to show you this information.
+@table @code
+@kindex info auxv
+@item info auxv
+Display the auxiliary vector of the inferior, which can be either a
+live process or a core dump file.  @{GDBN} prints each tag value
+numerically, and also shows names and text descriptions for recognized
+tags.  Some values in the vector are numbers, some bit masks, and some
+pointers to strings or other data.  @{GDBN} displays each value in the
+most appropriate form for a recognized tag, and in hexadecimal for
+an unrecognized tag.
+@end table
 @node Memory Region Attributes
 @section Memory region attributes 
 @cindex memory region attributes

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