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Re: [PATCH] synchronize readline w/ official patches

I gave this a whirl on hp-ux 11.11.  It built with gcc, hpcc, and hpacc.
I ran the test suite before and after with the gcc-built version,
using hpcc/hpacc for the target compilers.  Worked fine.

Michael C


2004-01-26  Elena Zannoni  <>

        Merge in official patches to readline-4.3 from
	NOTE: Patch-ID readline-43-004 was already applied (see below).

	* bind.c (rl_generic_bind): Pressing certain key sequences
	causes an infinite loop in _rl_dispatch_subseq with the `key' argument
	set to 256.  This eventually causes bash to exceed the stack size
	limit and crash with a segmentation violation.
	Patch-ID: readline43-001.

	* readline.c (_rl_dispatch_subseq): Repeating an edit in
	vi-mode with `.' does not work.
	Patch-ID: readline43-002.

	* mbutil.c (_rl_get_char_len, _rl_compare_chars,
	_rl_adjust_point): When in a locale with multibyte characters, the
	readline display updater will occasionally cause a
	segmentation fault when attempting to compute the length of the first
	multibyte character on the line.  
	Patch-ID: readline43-003.

	* vi_mode.c (_rl_vi_change_mbchar_case): Using the vi editing
	mode's case-changing commands in a locale with multibyte characters
	will cause garbage characters to be inserted into the editing buffer.
	Patch-ID: readline43-005.

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