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Re: [rfa] lookup_transparent_type hack

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:25:35 -0500, Daniel Jacobowitz <> said:

> This is OK.  I'd also like to see results with 2.95, though I expect
> no difficulties.

No problems with 2.95.  Unfortunately, there are issues with mainline
GCC.  (As of last Thursday's GCC, at least.)  The new test in rtti.exp
(print *obj) fails there, and in fact the earlier test in rtti.exp
(print *e2), which I would expect to pass, is KFAILing.

These failures aren't caused by my patch to GDB - they happen with or
without the patch - but I want to look into the reason for the
behavior first before committing the patch.  There are also some
(non-regression) FAILs in namespace.exp that are probably related to
this.  (I have a patch waiting for approval that takes care of most of
the FAILs in namespace.exp, but not all of them.)

Am I correct in remembering that GCC has recently changed its rules
for when it emits debug info for classes?  Something about only
emitting them in the same place where it emits the vtable (which it
does following the CFront rule)?  If so, that might be relevant.  Or
am I thinking of something else?

David Carlton

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