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[PATCH: gdb/mi] -var-list-children testcase


I have added one test for:

-var-list-children --all-values struct_declarations.long_array

for the patch that I submitted earlier. This
is very similar to `Test: c_variable-4.15' which is for:

-var-list-children struct_declarations.long_array

and I guess that they should be next to each other. My test can't be moved 
forward, however, values need to be assigned first.

I haven't been able to verify this test as mi-var-child.exp fails before it
reaches my test. Before my changes, I get:

		=== gdb Summary ===

# of expected passes		108
# of unexpected failures	18

I think these failures arise for the same reason of those in mi-stack.exp and
are due to the different line the first breakpoint stops on. In this case, for
me, break do_children_tests gives:

Breakpoint 1 at 0x80484ac: file gdb.mi/var-cmd.c, line 176.

which should be line 192, I think.


*** mi-var-child.exp.~1.13.~	2003-02-02 06:24:04.000000000 +0000
--- mi-var-child.exp	2004-01-15 20:46:43.000000000 +0000
*** 827,832 ****
--- 827,836 ----
  set line 208
  mi_execute_to "exec-step 7" "end-stepping-range" do_children_tests {} {.*var-cmd.c} $line {} "step $line"
+ mi_gdb_test "-var-list-children --all-values struct_declarations.long_array" \
+         "\\^done,numchild=\"10\",children=\\\[child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.0\",exp=\"0\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"1234\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.1\",exp=\"1\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"2345\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.2\",exp=\"2\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"3456\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.3\",exp=\"3\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"4567\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.4\",exp=\"4\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"5678\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.5\",exp=\"5\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"6789\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.6\",exp=\"6\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"7890\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.7\",exp=\"7\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"8901\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.8\",exp=\"8\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"9012\",type=\"long int\"\},child=\{name=\"struct_declarations.long_array.9\",exp=\"9\",numchild=\"0\",value=\"1234\",type=\"long int\"\}\\\]" \
+                 "listing of names and values of children"
  # Test: c_variable-5.8
  # Desc: check that long_array[3-9] changed
  mi_gdb_test "-var-update *" \

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